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Forever’s key to success is a commitment to quality and purity. The products start with 100% inner leaf aloe vera gel, delicately adding just enough other ingredients to produce outstanding products.

All About Aloe Vera

In order to ensure the highest quality, Forever cultivates aloe vera on its privately-owned plantations, avoiding the use of herbicides or pesticides.

Forever's farmers harvest the aloe by hand, treating it with great care. The leaves are processed within hours, to provide the purest, freshest aloe vera gel with all of its inherent qualities intact.

Forever starts with 100% inner leaf gel, delicately adding just enough other ingredients to produce outstanding products. The versatility of these products means that aloe vera can be taken as a drink or applied to the skin. Not tested on animals, Forever’s range of premium products are a testament to nature’s capacity to help us look and feel our best.

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Aloe Vera Drinks

Fitness, Sports Nutrition & Weight Management

Fitness and weight management are key aspects of modern-day life, as people become increasingly conscious about the importance of healthy living.

Forever FIT is an advanced, nutritional, weight management and exercise programme. The three powerful product packs that make up the FIT-range have everything you need to help you look and feel better, manage your weight and support your healthy lifestyle no matter what your fitness level.

C9 Kick-Start - If it's results you are after, then start a programme by addressing your mindset and attitudes.  C9 has been designed with this in mind and allows you to take back control of your lifestyle and your body. This nine-day cleanse and exercise programme will enable you to meet your weight loss, exercise and lifestyle goals through easy-to-follow steps, exercise ideas and delicious recipes.

F15 Take the next step - it doesn't mater if you are just getting started, or if you are already an expert, F15 has beginner, intermediate and advanced nutrition and exercise programmes to help you on your fitness and weight management journey.  Each fifteen-day programme has been specially designed to provide you with the knowledge that you need to get inspired, help you make permanent changes towards a healthier lifestyle, and continue in your transformation.

VITAL is all about maintenance - it contains Forever's cornerstone product, Forever Aloe Vera Gel, with four synergistic supplements.


Life Balance

Although the cornerstone of Forever's range is aloe vera, beehive products and cutting-edge nutraceuticals have been added to provide optimum health and vitality for that ultimate sense of wellbeing.


Benefit from the most potent formulas and high quality ingredients available in Forever’s Life Balance range.

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Bee Products

Beauty & Wellness

Purity for skin and body, Forever’s luxury beauty and wellness ranges contains only the finest natural ingredients to leave your skin looking and feeling radiant.


Infinite By Forever targets ageing from the inside out and the outside in with revolutionary formulas.  The topical products are designed to hydrate skin and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while the Firming Complex supplements inner skin beauty and promotes collagen formation.

Sonya Daily System is made specifically for combination skin which can fluctuate and vary greatly. All four products in the range contain the word gel in their name. This gel is a scientifically advanced carrier that delivers the aloe, moisture and botanicals that have been pumped into this line directly to where the skin needs them most. 

 The Targeted Skincare Products allow you to customise your routine and each component is designed with a common skincare concern in mind.

Animals & Home

Pets are part of the family too and Aloe Veterinary Formula is better than any belly scratch so it's the perfect way to show that you care! This easy-to-apply spray is ideal for soothing irritations, cleansing areas before applying dressings or to achieve a glossy and conditioned coat after bathing. The gentle formula can be diluted to cleanse irritated eyes or to clean dirty ears. It can also be used as a soothing leg wash to provide protection after exercise. For pets and horses.

MPD is an environmentally-friendly, biodegradable, all-purpose detergent that effectively lifts grime and cuts through grease to remove stains. Its versatile cleaning power can tackle your laundry, floors, bathroom, tiles, carpets and dishes. This highly concentrated formula often only takes a few drops to get the job done. The gentle formula is also kind to hands and clothes. 

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Weight Management


Want to try a range of Forever’s best-selling products? Our packs contain a selection of our most popular products, and all conveniently packaged ready to go. The contents of these packs have been carefully selected to offer a great introduction to a new, healthier you.


Protect your skin from harmful rays and lock in moisture with aloe vera.

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